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Opening its doors in 1986, the Most Blessed Sacrament Preschool welcomed families across the parish to a small two-room building located adjacent to the MBS Elementary School playground. Under the guidance of its first director, Mrs. Ann Crooks the tiny building soon grew too small to accommodate the growing enrollment.  In 1993 the Pre-K classes expanded into the Bishop Ott Room on the school campus. 
As the parish continued to grow so did the need for more usable space. In the planning stage for a new, larger church for gathering and worship it was determined that the existing rectory and parish office would be renovated to accommodate an expanding preschool.  Once renovations were completed the MBS Preschool relocated into its current facilities in Fall 2006.
In 2010 MBS Preschool changed its name to MBS Early Learning Center to better reflect the strength of its educational structure.  The next 11 years brought growth to an already flourishing program. 
Planning began in 2019 to expand, yet again, to an all-day program. The ELC designed an expanded program around its established half-day program for the influx of younger working families in the parish and surrounding community. Its goal is to provide parents with a cohesive educational environment for their littlest ones on one campus with older siblings while maintaining the integrity and personality of its origins.
These same values hold strong today as we continue our mission to educate and nurture your litte ones in a faith-based learning curriculim driven by teacher/student interaction and self-guided play.

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  • All classes are provided by a Teacher and an Aide.
  • Class sizes are considerably lower than state mandated regulations.
  • Director on-site at all times.
  • School Curriculum is developmental and age appropriate and formed in accordance with our Catholic teachings
  • Classroom Calendars provided monthly
  • Outdoor and Indoor Play areas

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